Unmasking the Mystery of Approaching Beautiful Women

Every single man has been there. We see and meet beautiful women every day. We get nervous and sometimes stand frozen trying hard to think about what to say to a beautiful woman. We helplessly watch the beautiful woman walk away. Many men can attest to the fact that the prospect of walking up to a beautiful woman and talking to her can be quite daunting. We know of friends who would not flinch even at gun point but meeting a new woman is a whole new situation to them. The kind of men who would rather run miles on a broken leg than meet a new beautiful woman.

Though fate may have favored you by doing all that is necessary to bring the exact girl at the exact place that you are at the exact time that you happen to be there, the fact remains that it is now your time to take action. What action do you take? Do you stare at her hoping she will come over and talk to her? Do you act the loser and offer to buy her a drink then go home poorer? The answer is NO! That is not the way to meet a beautiful woman. Here is how to approach a beautiful woman.

You OPEN her. What! The “opener” is that line used to initiate a conversation. It is often the very first sentence that is exchanged between a man and the woman he desires. You have heard of “pick-up lines”. They are forms of openers and can be anything that gets the beautiful woman talking. For the best openers you can check out the scrambler technique.

Why is an opener so important? An opener is like a door key. To put it simply, if you don’t OPEN her, you are probably never going to see her again. The probability of you getting into any form of relationship is almost zero. Through an opener you can further an interaction that can culminate into a relationship. There are many threads from the opener for you to follow and your options can only be limited by your beliefs and social skills.

Start the conversation RIGHT by showing interest. If you do not do it the right way, you will not go anywhere. Opening a woman is not only knowing what to say but also showing interest in her. The words you say must be complemented good timing and body language and speaking with the right tone.

Timing is very important in every aspect of life. You can’t do anything at any time. This can not be more true when approaching women. The general rule of the thumb says that the quicker you can approach her after noticing her, the better. Avoid taking too much time before talking to her as you will start talking yourself out of the target and get tempted to stay in your comfort zone.

Body language says so much about a person. Bad body language sends signals to the beautiful woman that the man is weak or not confident and is a major turn off. When you wake up, do so at an angle and don’t approach her dead on.

Though most men like walking to her in a straight line, this only causes her defenses to rise. There’s no need to make your work harder. Turn your body slightly to soften the confrontation by subtly pointing your shoulder at the target.

Finally, maintain a smile and use a soft tone. How to approach a beautiful woman will not be your problem any more. Good luck!

A Guide to Being Alpha and a Gentleman

It is pretty cool when a guy walks into a room and it seems like everything suddenly revolves around them. This is the guy we call the alpha male. They command attention, they stand out and they have impeccable communication skills so you can be sure that every lady wants to hang around them! So how can you be this type of man? Here are a few tips to help you be a gentleman and an ultimate alpha male.

1. Be original.
Nobody likes a copycat. You might want to avoid the urge to copy another alpha male you may have seen. Have your own set of ideas, of course we are not talking extremely out of this world, but basically, be your own man. Be very decisive and stand by your beliefs because the minute you get swayed by every other person it shows that you are timid. For instance, a friend asks you whether you would like a drink, you must clearly state whether you want one or not. These simple and precise decisions give off a certain type of confidence that shows you are an alpha male.

2. Stand out.
The way you dress should clearly show that you are a confident man with an excellent sense of fashion. If we could summarize this into a sentence we would state the cliché statement ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’. An alpha male always looks dapper and when you spot them in a crowd, their mode of dressing portrays that they are not your ordinary kind of guy.

3. How do you carry yourself?
When you get into a room, do not wonder whether the people will like you. Instead, you should be the one wondering whether you like them. This is because you are confident in yourself. So your whole demeanor, from the way you walk, stand, talk and act should not be in a way that begs to be liked. One tactic used by alpha males is that they maintain eye contact and use the right gestures when talking.

4. Communication skills.
Be more of a person who listens than talks. An alpha male has the tendency to attract a bunch of women, not because they are necessarily good looking, but because they are excellent listeners. A person who gives off the vibe that they are not in a rush to speak and that they are willing to listen and understand first automatically becomes more attractive.

Being an alpha male is not crazy science that you need to sit and pore over books to get the right tricks. Its all about you, the way you dress, your confidence and the way you communicate with others. Be like a predator, know when to strike and when to hold back.So go out and bring out the alpha male in you!

Top 5 Mistakes Men Make with Women

Relationship challenges are as old as civilization itself. A man’s natural instinct is to conquer and win. The best way to show this and feed his ego is to pursue a woman successfully. Unfortunately, many men, even the most successful professionally, have failed miserably in this area. Reasons behind this poor performance when seeking out a mate or companion of the opposite gender is explained by few basic mistakes most men make. In most cases, men don’t even realize that they are making a mistake the first time they approach a lady of interest.

Nice person approach

While it is true that women will be attracted to you if you have the right attitude, this is no reason for her to set you apart from the rest. Furthermore, showing her that she is out of your league makes her believe it. This pushes her away as she looks for someone more deserving and treats you like a friend or go to guy when she needs to talk or go out without expectations. The secret is to show her that you are a real person. As much as you joke and make fun, be careful not to overdo it. No one wants to come across as a jerk.

Relying on your conversation

Women love to hear what you have to say about them. However, do not rely on talking alone especially if you intend to take things past the first date. While inappropriate touching is a total turn off, making contact can hasten your connection and get you want.

Being dormant and too slow

Women love courageous and active men. A man who takes charge and control of things is attractive and appealing to most women. A decisive man is likely to get the woman he desires more than a hesitant one no matter how rich or successful he is. The moment you spot a woman you love, walk towards her and start a conversation. She may be surprised at first, but the impression you make will probably get you a number if not a first date.

Business-like seriousness

You can never get a woman when you approach her with a serious face. Regardless of what profession she is in when a woman is out of the office, she needs to relax and have fun. Treating her as if you are in a business meeting only reminds her of the job she left behind; she is not another goal or target that must be realized. Instead of making this mistake, try an emotional and fun approach especially if you are serious about making her your own.